Tony Parsons

I just couldn't resist myself to read books. So, today I went to my campus's library to borrow some books. At first i want to borrow the Jodi Picoult's novels but something that are more interesting just caught my eyes. The covers of these two book itself is very nice, simple and they really moves me. Haha...saying that 99% of the reason that I took the books with me is because of the covers. So, I just forget my original idea to borrow Jodi Picoult's books (save 'em for next time) and brought it to the counter.


That new gal at the counter is so very very slow (not eating ?) and the bro just ask me this stupid question. "Are you student?"...Hell yeah!! But it's just my own fault because i don't put my student card!! Damn! But never mind, I got what I want I'll write the reviews about these books once i've finished 'em. Oh! forget to tell you.. the books are "Man and Boy" and "One for My baby" by Tony Parsons. Ciao....

Best Friends Or Soulmates?

Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern is a story of two best friends. Rosie and Alex are childhood friends and they've been through everything together and have an amazing bond right from the start. As Rosie and Alex grow, this does not change, even when they start dating other people. However, fate steps in when Alex's family decide to move to America and live there and Alex has to go with them. The fact that they have to live far from each other make them sad because they've never been apart before. Thus, Rosie is soon planning on joining university in Boston so they can be together again. However, the night that Rosie is due to fly, she discovers the news that will change her plan forever. News that will keep her at home in Ireland.

Starting with an invitation card from Rosie to Alex inviting him to her seventh birthday party, this book chronicles their lives from teenage to the start of their careers and relationships with others. Their friendship is tested with misunderstandings and sheer bad luck that keep them apart.

The way 'Where Rainbows End' is told is very clever which is at first I think it is strange that there are so many gaps within the pages. This story is told completely in notes or letters, instant messages, emails, text, postcards and even greeting cards which are then I enjoyed reading them. It's like spying on Rosie and Alex, and it's feel like a very naughty boy who secretly reading other people emails, messages and letters !

Here's a snippet:

From: Alex
To: Rosie
Subject: My letter

Hi, Rosie. It's important that I talk to you right now. It's about the letter. I wrote some really important things in there and I would love you to read it if you can. Please try and find it.

From: Rosie
To: Alex
Subject: Your letter

Hi, Alex. I searched the house from top to bottom yesterday when i got home from work. No sign of it. Is everything OK? Can you just email me what it said?

Hey! don't read other people emails! Haha! Just grab this book and you'll know everything! yeah..everything. Ciao...

Hey, It's Friday!

Hacks! It's Friday guys and it's raining. I visited Bryan's Book Blog and interested in the The Friday 56 hosted by Storytime with Tonya and Friends. Here are the rules!

*Grab the book nearest you. Right now
*Turn to page 56
*Find the fifth sentence
*Post that sentence (plus one or two others if you like) along with these instructions on your blogs or (if you do not have your own) simply post to the comment section of Storytime with Tonya and Friends or this blog. (Malaysian readers if you want to post books in Bahasa Melayu)
*Post a link along with your post back to the blogs.
*Don't dig for your favorite books, the coolest, the most intellectual. Pick the closest.
Here's mine: The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, the 5th and several others on page 56.

"I mean I've never met any others." (5)

"We're doing what we often do when we have a little privacy, when it's cold out, when both of us are past puberty and haven't quite gotten around to actual girls yet." (22)

"I mean, I'm not gay or anything." (24)

That's all. Happy Friday! Ciao...........