Library Time: Cry Silent Tears

Howdy readers, I'm not in a good mood today. Really. I woke up early in the morning today and went to collect several forms for my class activity and then headed to library to return a couple of books, borrowed a few weeks ago. Most of 'em are overdue already. So, I've to pay for penalty. Never mind. There's assignment that I haven't finish yet, so, I need to borrow another reference book in order to make it done! Huh....tired already with all these assignment thingy. No choice...

Since I was in library, so I took a peek at the story books' shelf. I found this book called Cry Silent Tear by Joe Peters. I think this would be a good reading so I just borrow it. Already reading a few pages of the book, and I just knew it!! It is a very heartbreaking start. A child badly injured and abused by his own biological mother.? How sad? She's so heartless....OK. This book is not too thick but I'm sure that, I'll have a very, very hard time to finish it cause it is just a very heartbreaking story. Yeah. If you don't believe me. Here's a snippet:

Cry Silent Tears: A True Story of the Horrific Childhood of a Mute Little Boy

As soon as we got in the door of Mum's house, she punched me full in the face, sending me hurtling to the floor. She grab me by the hair to pull me up again then started beating me round my face and body in a fury. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, twisting away from her but unable to protect myself from the blows that were raining down. -page 4

She grabbed my hand and yanked me across the the room, then pressed my palm tightly against the scalding metal until my flesh sizzled. I screamed uncontrollably with the shock of this unbelievable new level of pain.-page 5

Cruel. That's the only word I can say right now. I'll post the review when I finish reading this book. Gotta go guys!! Have a nice day....n I'm trying to make my day nicer too. Ciao....


dArLyN said...

i already read dear john!haha..this one look fascinating red but i dont think i will read this one. i hate abusement.

Jan said...

Its like the book The Boy Called It.
Wish it was easy to find books in the public libraries.

My secondary school library would most like have it. It was the best library ever.

SafeHomeHappyMom said...

I hope that you feel better by the weekend. I am in school too and I can understand the stress. I just borrowed 23books from the library and I have to return them in 3weeks, go figure!

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Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Powerful book. I know these are hard to read but I seem to gravitate tot hem even though they infuriate me.