The Biggest Book Sale in the World!


If you are wondering where in the world you can find the biggest book sale ever? It is not in Canada. Not in United States of America either. In United Kingdom? is a wrong answer as well. The answer is in Malaysia!! It's the Big Bad Wolf  Sale!  I've been enjoying this event for three consecutive years already and it was such an amazing experience. 

This year BBW2012 is taking place at Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) and is offering the readers 75-95% super discounts on 3 million books. It's super cheap and yes I'm telling you the truth. So, those who haven't get the opportunity to go there yet, make time and clear up you schedule for this monstrous event. During the first three days, they opened the book sale 63 hours non stop. I was there up until 2 in the morning, can you believe it? And they're opening for a straight 60 hours this coming weekend. Amazing!! 

These are some pictures I snapped during the visit to BBW2012. Sorry for the low resolution images. Blame the Blackberry's camera.

the entrance: this year citizens don't have to queue

can see this car right before entering the hall. it's cool!

sea of citizens howling for the books

citizens queuing to pay for the books. I was in the queue for almost an hour. pfft!!

If you're wondering what I got from the wolf's nest this year. I'll let you know in another post. I've got 22 books in total and it cost me not more than RM200. What a bargain!! 


Josette said...

Wow, that's a huge stack of books you got. Can't wait to see them!