Wishlist: December 2, 2012


Title: Quran and Cricket | Author: Farish A. Noor
Publisher: Silverfish Publications
Genre: Travelog, Culture, History
Format: Paperback, 290 Pages
First Published: 2009

This is the book that only Farish A. Noor will attempt and can write. -Publisher

Almost a decade after 9/11, the media is still wrapped up in the good Muslim-bad Muslim cliche, and we are no closer to winning the War against Terror. Dr Farish A. Noor: academic, political scientist, activist and traveller extraordinaire, lives, eats, sleeps, prays with and interviews students (and others), in the 'jihad factory' madrasahs from Patani to Pakistan, and comes away dazed and confused. With strains of Pink Floyd in his head, he penetrates the deepest sanctums of Islamic orthodoxy, walks with Islamic guerrillas of Patani after dark, sips tea with Kalasnikov-wielding drug lords of Pakistan, and interviews monsters to try to make sense of it all.


Title: Body 2 Body: A Malaysian Queer Anthology 
Author: Jerome Kugan, Phang Khee Teik
Publisher: Matahari Books Publications
Genre: Anthology, Social | Format: Paperback, 240 Pages
First Published: August 1, 2009

The first of its kind. 

A compilation of original creative writings on the gays, lesbians, transsexuals, and transvestites of the country. Long denied voice in the mainstream, the queers of Malaysia are boldly and fabulously represented in 23 stories, fiction and non-fiction. From coming out to changing home, breaking up to breaking down, changing sex to changing heart, the stories are different from anything you may have read in or about Malaysia. Recognize your friend, family members, or even yourself in the stories. by turns poignant, lustful, tragic and hilarious, this book is a testament to the rainbow mosaic that makes up Malaysian society.   


Josette said...

If you're in KL, you can go to the Big Bad Wolf sale. Of if in Penang, then it's the Popular book fair in Straits Quay! :)

Small Kucing said... looking forward to BBWS but i dont think that sle have these two books. Prev experience is they only have overseas books.

But bthere is a Big Book Shop sale going on at Subang Avenue. Maybe have