Finish That Series Challenge! 2010

Hi, guys! I finished my final exam already. Now, I can go back to my reading, not lecture notes or any handouts given by lecturers, but my storybooks. I've several books to be read and I think a few of 'em are suitable for the new challenge that I'm signing in right now. It's "Finish That Series Challenge! 2010" hosted by Royal Reviews.

There are four levels of this challenge and I'm in the "Curious" level. For this level, I have to two finish 2 series in 2010 and I already have 'em in my mind. The series that I'll complete for this challenge are:

Inkworld Trilogy by Cornelia Funke
  • Book 1: Inkheart
  • Book 2: Inkspell
  • Book 3: Inkdead
Inheritance Cycle Series by Christopher  Paulini
  • Book 1: Eragon
  • Book 2: Eldest
  • Book 3: Brisingr
I did hear good things bout both of these series. Book bloggers keep on writing great reviews bout 'em. So, I think I'll give 'em a try. What say you? Any opinion just leave it here OK. Well, I really hope that I can complete this "Curious Level" by the end of 2010. Those who are interested to join me in this challenge, feel free to sign in [ Click Here ]. Ok, thats all. have a great day guys!!! Ciao...


Teddyree said...

Welcome to the challenge, good luck getting through the series you've chosen; I havent read either of them

cj'alhafiz said...

Hey teddyree! thanks...haha!!