The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

Title: The Book of Lost Things
Author: John Connolly
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Fantasy
CoffeeNCrackers' Meter: 5 Cups of Coffee

The Story
12 year old David mourns over his mother's death. He is angry and alone and when his father married to Rose and his half brother pops up into his life, his anger and loneliness become worst and he only have  the books on the shelf as company. But those books have begun to whisper to him and because he is to much occupied with his imaginations, the fantasy and reality begun to meld together. He started hearing his Mother's voice and this brought him into a land strange. Then his adventures begun in this land of heroes and foul creatures which is ruled over by a faded king who kept his secrets in a book called.....The Book of Lost Things.

My Thought
When I read the first few chapters of the book, I just simply said to myself, "Is this another story of The Chronicles of Narnia?". Yes, the idea is pretty much the same. The main character went to an unknown land with strange creatures and the conflict was there in the kingdom and he happened to be the next King who will put the conflict to an end. Does it sounds like Narnia to you? I do think so. But the different with The Book of Lost Things is that, the writer got a great idea of the stories within the story. David, throughout his adventures had been told stories by his companions about Little Red Riding Hood, Hensel and Gretel, Snow White and many more. But these characters and the stories are all twisted and very different from what I've ever heard. And the most twisted one is the story of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.where Snow White happened to be fat, disgusting, and cruel and 7 Dwarfs tried to kill her with the poisoned apple. Yeah, the story is skewed and twisted almost 360 degree. But it is such a great idea by the author. But all the stories were nicely tied together and the book becomes wonderful and enjoyable.

Despite of all the twisted fairy tales and David's dangerous adventures, there is something to be learned from this book. Appreciate what you have now, so that you won't regret it once they've been taken away from you. David who is holding on his past, get carried away with his emotions. The emotions make him blind and he didn't realized the happy life he got. Fear of losing his memories with his late mother make him refused to accept a new family. But then, after all the adventures he had been through, he learned a lot of things and evolved from a child who is immature to a man who knows what is the real meaning of life. I love the ending of the book and it makes me think a lot. Such a wonderful story....simply love it!

Favorite Quotes
"For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be."
"Stories wanted to be read, David's mother would whisper. They needed it. It was the reason they forced themselves from their world into ours. They wanted us to give them life."



Shy said...

I also have this book on the shelf and mine come in RED. I mean... bright red. I absolutely adore the cover!

It's good to hear that you enjoyed the book. And that the book gives you something at the end. I can't wait to get started with it myself and perhaps then, we can start comparing our opinion towards the book.

Great review!

Karen and Gerard said...

I like the quote! The books sounds a bit too weird for my taste. Thanks for stopping by. You didn't like "The Hunger Games"?

Bev Hankins said...

Love your quotes! Particularly the second one. I'm not sure that I could get into the twisted fairy tales, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

elizabeth said...

This book sounds interesting. I think I would like it. I like the idea of the twisted fairy tales.

Melissa said...

This sounds like an interesting book, but maybe a bit too ... scary and weird for me!

I appreciate your review!

Jessica said...

Oh I absolutely loved this book! It remains one of my favorites even today. I agree with you that it's twisted, but I think that's what gives it such an interesting edge.

Thank you for such a fabulous review!

Rabid Fox said...

I meandered over here via

I'm not sure why exactly--besides the last name--but for some fool reason I continually mix up John Connolly with Michael Connolly. The authors seem so disparate when you actually look at their works, it's a wonder.

At any rate, this one sounds interesting. And if I can keep the names straight while browsing bookshelves, I'll have to watch for it.

redhead said...

This book sounds like something I would like! a little bit of Narnia, a little bit of twisted fairy tales, a little bit of creepy, a little bit of scary - sounds perfect! And I do like that a lot of books in that style have an ending that's along the lines of "you have to go back to your own world now, as a more mature person".

btw, found you through A Trillian Books.

Trillian said...

I really like the sound of this book. I've got it on my Wishlist already but you've reminded me about it hehe. Thanks for sharing!

Anne Royce said...

Nice review! Thank you for reminding me that this book is on my TBR xD


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