House Rules by Jodi Picoult


House Rules by Jodi Picoult
Date Finished: November 19, 2010
PDF Format, 395 Pages, Stand Alone, Family

The Story: Jacob's an Aspie and a complete hopeless at reading social cues and expressing himself to others. He's brilliant in many ways and an analytical forensic freak. One day, his tutor is terribly murdered and the evidences are all pointing to him. This hopeless Aspie has to face the Justice System and prove himself not guilty. With his AS behaviors, it is going to be difficult for him, his mother, Emma and his lawyer, Oliver.

My Thought: "House Rules" is my first read from Jodi Picoult and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. The story is narrated by multiple characters such as Jacob, Emma, Theo and Oliver as well as several other characters. This style of telling the story is brilliant because I could grasp the feeling of each of every character in this book Though there are multiple characters telling the story, Jodi Picoult have a very impressive skill to knit together the characters into a fluid and enjoyable storyline. There are lots of forensic science terminologies and concepts are used in this book and also the information regarding Asperger's Syndrome and what  the people  with Asperger behave (as she shows through Jacob). Jodi sure did a very thorough research on both aspects and to relate it with the court procedures and how  the Justice System functions and all is truly magnificent. But the way how she ended it is weak and ineffectual because the twist is pretty lame. Recommended.

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Sarah said...

I was just looking at this book in the store the other day... now I'll have to go back and get it! Thanks for the review!

Darlyn said...

It's been quite a time I have not read any of her books. Glad you like this one CJ!

cj'alhafiz said...

Hope u'll get the book and u'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the book.

Yay!!! It's Darlyn..long time not getting comment from you..haha!!

Small Kucing said...

Yes, I have read this. It's good.

Shy said...

Haven't read this one yet but I truly enjoy her books that feature some sort of medical condition, no matter if it's physical or mental illness. Will surely be trying to get into this one and see if I agree with you when it comes to the ending of this story!