The Iron King by Julie Kagawa + Giveaway

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa, Iron Fey Book 1
Finished Reading on December 29, 2010
Young Adult Fiction, E-Book, 176 Pages

The Story: Meghan is an ordinary normal girl (or so she thinks). But everything changes when her brother Ethan is taken away from home by the mythical faery creature. With help of her best friend Puck, she goes to the fairy land, Nevernever to save her brother but she could never have guessed the truth that she is the daughter of a mythical faery king. With her companions Grim, Puck, and Ash, she's now going to face the mysterious evil creature, Machina, the Iron King in order to free her brother.  

My Thought: An enchanting story that left me with a sigh of amazement. At first I don't have any high expectation for "The Iron King" and been so skeptical about the story of faeries and all those mythical creatures. But when I finished the first chapter of the book, I found out that this is something different, fresh, and enjoyable read. Julie Kagawa writes the story in a very fluid way with amazing setting combining the real world and fantasy land supported by the very inventive characters which fit in the story. With the well paced and exciting adventure and action with the injection of some romance, The Iron King surely a page turning book which I enjoyed so much. It is so interesting when Julie invents a new type of Fey, the Iron Fey which come from the evolution of the technology and computer world. There's character called Virus and also bugs which are the antagonists in the story and the name derived from computer terms. The love triangle between the main characters Meghan, Puck, and Ash also gives spice to the story and I'm sure that readers out there will be put themselves either in Ash Team or Puck Team. For me, if Puck doesn't want to confess, Meghan would be Ash's for sure as Meghan really adores him. Well, I guess everything will be clear in the next book, "The Iron Daughter" which I'll definitely read. And FYI, the third book "The Iron Queen" will be released in this coming Fabruary. Looking forward for it!! 

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Small Kucing said...

sound good. Happy New Year!

Shy said...

I am a bit hesitant when it comes to faery books because all those that I've read were not really good (Or perhaps I should say didn't suit my taste). I do have this one on shelf so sooner or later I'm sure I'll be giving it a try. From your review, it did sound like a remarkable read, so perhaps it will turn my opinion on faery books all the way around and begin to like them!

Thanks for the review, CJ =)

Jen the bibliophile said...

I've been super curious about this series. Have you read it? If so, is it any good?

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